• Get paid for every paper receipt you print
  • Get paid for every electronic receipt you send
  • Get paid for content displayed on your customer displays

ad2pos understands that revenue is the lifeblood of all retail establishments.

Our unique revenue sharing model means that you get paid every time a receipt is printed, content is displayed on one of your customer displays, or an electronic receipt is sent to a customer’s mobile device or email.

Our proprietary system analyzes transaction and other data, and dynamically assigns a value to the advertising inventory on your paper receipts, electronic receipts and customer displays, and then enables advertisers to bid on your ad inventory in real-time.

The winning advertiser’s content is then displayed in the relevant format (text, graphic and/or multimedia) and you are paid. It’s that simple.

The ad2pos platform requires no changes to your backend or point of sale infrastructure, and there are no set up charges or upfront costs to get started.

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