Each year over 250 billion paper receipts are handed to retail consumers in the U.S. alone. This astonishing number does not include the exponential growth in electronic receipts and state-of-the-art customer displays that support a full range of graphics, audio and video content.

These continued innovations, coupled with the use of sophisticated algorithms that programmatically value and match inventory on receipts and point-of-sale displays with dynamic ads and messages, are creating new revenue streams for display partners while allowing marketers to construct powerful integrated campaigns that simultaneously take full advantage of both the “golden window” of customer attention during a transaction, and the ability to put compelling and actionable content directly in the hands of consumers well after the transaction is complete.

The AD2POS platform is the first of its kind specifically designed to maximize the value of dynamic Point-of-Sale ad inventory for both merchants and marketers alike.

The opt-in AD2POS platform instantaneously analyses transaction data and pre-set and dynamic variables to determine a best match with advertiser content - which is then displayed on the relevant Point-of-Sale media.

Pricing per transaction is programmatically determined within a range set by the advertiser, and matched according to specific campaign parameters. Advertisers set a their maximum daily budget and maximum price per display, are are charged only for actual displays on the platform.  Display partners are credited for every transaction in which an ad is displayed.